Massage in São Paulo

You find our massage institute in the Pinheiros area of São Paulo, not far away from Avenida Paulista and downtown Rio de Janeiro near Santos Dumont airport. We are specialists in Swedish massage, Relax massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue massage and Trigger Points therapies. Our therapists are all licensed and insured according to Brazilian law. Our treatments are safe and have very high quality. Bergqvist massage institute was founded in Sweden, where it is considered one of the most traditional massage centers in Europe. We have over 30 years of experience in occidental massage. We do not work with erotic massage.

All our expertise and know-how during all the years in Sweden was brought to Brazil, São Paulo, in 2008. Today we work both in Sweden and Brazil. Bergqvist is also one of the most traditional massage schools in both Sweden and Brazil. We organize courses for beginners in a variety of treatments including whole body massage and specializations for people already working in the area.

Our prices spans between R$150,00 to R$300,00 per session.

Take a look at our different massages:

Swedish massage / Deep Tissue massage

Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage is a strong massage using oils. It increases the fluid circulation in the body, mainly blood and lymphatic circulation. It also helps to relax muscle tension and increases flexibility. It is a very recommended treatment for back pains, sciatica and headaches.

Relax massage

Relax massage liberates well being hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins which decrease the blood pressure, helps the intestines and combats insomnia. It is very indicated for stressed people in big cities who wants to relax, or before events, which cause stress such as speaking in public.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a more intense and a more specific treatment. It is applied differently according to what sports the client practices and how much time the client dedicates to his/her activity. It can be applied to prepare muscles before an athletic event or to recover muscles afterwards. This kind of massage includes stretching.

Trigger Point therapy

Trigger Points are tense areas, usually found in muscles, tendons or fasciae. They can provoke pain that radiates from the active trigger point to another area of the body. There are more than 200 trigger points in the human body. Active trigger points can cause headaches, sciatica and tendonitis. The treatment is made in order to deactivate irritated trigger points. When the therapist finds and deactivate them the relief is immediate.

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